How we started

At Vernele’s, everything is made with love, the best ingredients and time honored, family recipes handed down from generations past.

Coming from a family of bakers, (Mom, Dad, Grandma Vernele, Grandma Vivian and Great Grandma Whitesell), I inherited a passion for spreading love with fantastic deserts. At age six, I learned to make my dad’s favorite dessert, peanut butter cookies and was hooked. I have spent the rest of my life expermenting with new creations and perfecting family recipes, many of which are more than two hundred years old. My husband’s heritage is rooted in Zwolle Louisiana. This influence has resulted in a love to use our share of alcohol and heat in our sweet treats.

Named after my Grandma Vernele, whose name I also share as my middle name, I created Vernele’s Bayou Bakery to share my passion for cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies, and cheesecakes with everyone.

– Linda Vernele Ezernack 

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